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      • 韩国代理

        爱学习 更爱健康

        I Division was formally established in 2013, after three months of product inspection, in Taiwan many brands and love to learn from the brand and other courses and chairs, we choose the "love learning" this brand. Because we not only recognize the market prospect of cute learning products, but also recognize the purpose of their careers: for children's education, in order to children's health, we do everything we can. This great mission, we believe that this is the true sense of social responsibility in the office. Facts have proved that our choice is correct, the cooperation from the end of 2013 so far, from Seoul's first store to the next year, the three major cities in the additional eight store growth, public recognition and support of the brand! Love learning brand is worth our more in-depth cooperation!


        Wish global istudy business become better and better.

      • 马来西亚代理


        A Malay show in 2012, to understand the love of learning health learning table this "made in China", has just started a child health learning table for me, is a completely strange category; but to the health of children's industry, it really caused me great interest. Data analysis through the market, the Malaysia children's health study table has a huge market demand, and the current competition is not very intense, I Division is mainly through the Internet and trade fairs for our investors, is not Chang Baogui, just half a month, I Division and love learning brand signed a full range of strategic cooperation, immediately spread, break more like the demand for the network to wash their desks and chairs, for many people, we are lucky, because we have a chance to grasp.


        Wish global kids study healthy.